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Note! All flash classes are recorded and made available to attendees following the class. 
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1st-Year BEng Flashes

Applied Maths B + Notes Immediately

A2 Class 1: 2 Nov @ 5pm-8pm

R99/3hr Class!

Computer Programming + Notes Immediately

A2 Class 1: 18 Nov @ 10am-1pm

R99/3hr Class!

Eng Maths + Notes Immediately

A2 Class 1: 11 Nov @ 2pm-5pm

R99/3hr Class!

Strength of Materials + Notes Immediately

A2 Class 1: Coming Soon!

R99/3hr Class!

Undoubtedly the Best by Far!
Undoubtedly the Best by Far!
SU Student
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Onyx Educates flash courses are incredibly helpful, well-structured and affordable for students! I’ve attending many module crash courses and theirs are undoubtedly the best by far! I personally went from achieving 42% for my Theory of interest A1 test to achieving a 80% for my A2 exam as a result of attending the TOI flash courses and making use of their tutoring services. I would highly recommend them to all students whether you're struggling or just want to do extremely well. Onyx is the best way to go!
Really helpful! Thank You!
Really helpful! Thank You!
R. Fourie
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I had trouble with Fin Acc 188 and Rush is very helpful. Really insightful and makes everything in bite size chunks, much easier to understand. I needed help with the bare basics and Rush catered to my needs. He is also very good at gauging if you are understanding the lecture and will slow down and explain the content or speed up if he feels like you understand! Thanks!
SU Student
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Ummm, can I just say, your workshops are seriously 🔥! You are helping so many of us, thank you!
From 48% to 85%!
From 48% to 85%!
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...Amazing, I literally got 48% in test 1 and passed test 2 with 85%! I really do believe that students will benefit from lessons with Onyx!
Passed because of Onyx!
Passed because of Onyx!
1st Year SU Student
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This was the best experience! I used Onyx for 3 modules that I was failing, but passed them all!

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Why Onyx Flashes Work!

Our Flash Classes have doubled marks in some of the toughest courses!



Onyx Tutors have ACED the exact course.



Visualise the solution and notice tricks!



We connect the dots with exam-level questions!



Ask questions during the class and after!


  • All Flash Classes are 3 hours long. They may be broken up into two separate lessons of 1.5hrs each.
  • All Flash Classes are conducted over Zoom.
  • All Flash Classes are recorded
  • The Flash Course is interactive and you are able to communicate with the tutor either through chat message or voice.
  • The structure is determined by the content that needs to be covered. 
  • In general the tutor works through some of the toughest questions of each section to be tested and provides you with basic as well as deeper level understanding of concepts, theories or formulae.
  • The class is interactive, most tutors allow you to ask a question at any time or at intervals.
  • Depending on the size of the class, the tutor may spend more time explaining certain concepts that most of the class struggle with.
  • Every course is recorded in case there are internet connection issues.
  • A Zoom meeting Link and WhatsApp Group Link can be found the day of the class by heading to My Dashboard, clicking into the course and into the relevant lesson
  • Flash Class Booklets are also available in the relevant lesson the day of the class.

Onyx Educate reserves the right to cancel a Flash Class at anytime if minimum attendance of 10 students is not met.

You will be issued with an immediate refund!

Onyx Educate is not in any way associated with Stellenbosch University, but our tutors are trained to help you ace your exams!

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