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Verified ownerVerified owner

really helpful and was good to fill gaps in my learning

4 months ago
Economics 1st-Yr SU
Verified ownerVerified owner

The tutor was amazing. She's so good at explaining and interacting with the students. Understanding the content was as easy as it could be and it shows in my results.

5 months ago
MLB111 2023
Stefan D.
Verified ownerVerified owner

Great learning and studying experience, goof question pack

1 year ago
CMY117 Exam Class 2
Josh Langley
Verified ownerVerified owner

Unfortunately the A1 Notes were very poor. As they are handwritten, they are hard to read, they are also not very informative or summative. There were mistakes that subsequently made the answers in the examples given wrong. Lots of work was also left out. Thankfully the A2 notes were much better as they were typed out and did not use unnecessary colourful drawings and headings for no reason, making them much more concise and easy to follow.

1 year ago
Economics 2nd-Yr SU
Verified ownerVerified owner

I had a fantastic tutor he went at a good pace and explained things slowly and In detail

1 year ago
Fin Accounting - 1st Yr Bcom

Pricing. The fact that you didn’t make us pay again for session 2 when it would have originally been 1 session. 

2 years ago
Gen 214 Flash 18 July
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